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Erasmus+ Project Weareable

Erasmus+ Project Weareable

Wear(e)able not only offers awareness-raising and know-how for young people in the sustainable use of clothing, but also concentrates on concrete alternatives for action. Contents are conveyed digitally and analogously and the training of peer guides, youth workers and other multipliers is a focal point of the project. A special focus is on the long-term and broad dissemination of the results on a local, national and international level. To this end, we make use of the broad network of the consortium, including youth organisations, environmental protection initiatives, municipalities, schools and other stakeholders. The open source access to all project outputs will be guaranteed for at least 5 years after project end. Our aimed impact is to initiate a broad debate on plastic in clothing and the fast fashion phenomenon, and to equip as many young people as possible with the tools to contribute to this development.

Objectives and Vision

– Raising young people’s awareness of plastics in clothing throughout the entire product life cycle

– To develop alternatives for an environmentally conscious and yet affordable way of dealing with fashion

– To train peer guides and youth workers in order to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the project results beyond the duration of the project.

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